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Shaykh Samer Alraey

At the age of 13, Shaykh Samer Alraey joined the Zaid ibn Thabit Al-Ansaari Institute in Damascus, Syria, an institute that focuses primarily on the study of the traditional Islamic sciences. There he studied at the feet of many of the scholars from the institute as well as other great scholars of Damascus for seven years on a daily basis. His course of study covered texts on Tafseer, Shafi’i fiqh, Aqeedah, and Islamic education in general.

Afterwards, he attended the University of Damascus and began to travel in order to teach and promote a better understanding of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West. He has been involved in teaching the Islamic sciences for the last 25 years between Damascus and the United States. He has worked as an Imam for several centers and has taught in various intensive programs and universities across the United states. He currently is serving as a chaplain at Baruch college while actively participating as a board member of various civil and religious organization based in New York.

His office is located in the Newman Vertical Campus, Room 3-217. His door is always open to all of Baruch community.


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