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Orphan Sponsorship Project

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Initiated in 2011, the Baruch MSA Orphan Sponsorship Program is a subsidiary of the Baruch MSA. The purpose of this program is to raise awareness of the conditions of the orphans around the world and what we can do to give them a better life, by the mercy of Allah. These orphans have been though some of the worst difficulties imaginable such as war and famine, and rightfully need our help in any form or shape – even if it is a penny.

The orphans are sponsored through charity organizations that are registered by the government of United States Of America and the donations are used for their education, health expenses, food, shelter and other basic necessities.

The program has a 100 % donation policy. It is structured to run without any administrative costs whatsoever by working on a ‘penny-in-penny-out’ system. This is one way in which the program ensures that the orphans receive the most out of the financial support that you, the donor, have to offer. If however, you choose to pay through PayPal, then Baruch MSA will only donate the money received after PayPal have charged their own fees. We only donate 100% of the donation when the money is donated by cash.

“I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be like this in Paradise,” and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, leaving no space between them.
-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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