Thursday , October 19 2017
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Alumni Social

To appreciate the past members of Baruch MSA and WII who have given much time and effort to both of the organizations during their time here as undergraduates, we will be holding this special evening to honor them for their work. The event will reunite past executive board members from MSA and WII, along with general members, with the current undergraduate students who are part of the clubs.

The alumni carry the experience of transitioning from the college life as students to the real world as working professionals. Not only that, they have also gone in many different paths in their personal lives, which we have a lot to learn from.

Our Baruch alumni are like our older siblings. They can impart words of wisdom and give us real life advice and experience from when they were in our places years ago, so we don’t make the mistakes they made and take full advantage of beneficial opportunities in the future.

This year, the Alumni Social will be held in the month of November, in sha Allah.

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