Thursday , October 19 2017
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Islamic Awareness Night

Islamic Awareness Night

With all the unfortunate events reported by the media which are occurring around the Muslim world, we, as members of Baruch community, have taken it upon ourselves to shed light on our beautiful religion of Islam and clear misconceptions that might have arisen in people’s mind.

The annual Islamic Awareness Night aims to educate non-Muslims at Baruch College and around the city about the authentic teachings of Islam that was taught to us by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). We realize that many of the non-Muslims, not only in this city, but around the world, know very little about Islam or have serious misinformation. Thus, to facilitate a greater understanding and to extend an invitation to all, we have established this annual night.

The night consists of various speeches and presentations, but most importantly, we hold this event every year for our non-Muslims brothers and sisters to come and have their questions and concerned addressed about Muslims and Islam.

Islamic Awareness Night is held every year during the Spring semester. The event is open to the Baruch community and their family and friends.

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