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Helping Our Sweet Orphan

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Qur’an says:

“I, and the one who looks after an orphan, will be together like this in the next world”, then he raised his index and middle fingers together. (Hadith Muslim)

The Prophet Muhammad (may Peace and Blessings be upon him) says:

“They ask you, (O Muhammad), what they shall spend. Say: that which you spend for good (must go) to parents and near kindred and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer. And whatsoever good you do, lo! Allah is Aware of it.” (Qur’an 2:215

The important lesson Muslims have taken from this well-known hadith is that to choose the companionship of an orphan is to choose the companionship of the Prophet himself (Allah bless him and give him peace).


About Kowsar
Kowsar is a shy 12 year old girl whose father died in 2007. Her mother, Lul Dagane Nuriye, is taking care of her. Kowsar’s diet typically includes rice although her favourite food is pasta. Kowsar likes to play hide & seek, walking and writing. During her free time, Kowsar collects books as a hobby.

In the future, Kowsar would like to be a teacher.

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Kowsar’s Education
Kowsar goes to primary school where her progress is excellent. Reports show that her attendance is good. Kowsar walks to school and it takes her about 15 minutes. She receives religious education as is common in the community.
Kowsar’s Health
Kowsar is in good general health for her age and she is generally fit. Kowsar’s nearest doctor is less than an hour away and she visits the doctor every three months for a medical checkup. In case of an emergency, the nearest hospital is less than an hour away.

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