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Prayer Room

Among all the goals of MSA, one crucial goal is to provide the Muslim population on campus a clean and tranquil place to perform their daily prayers. Students can perform their prayers in the prayer room while they are in college. We have many prayer rugs and enough room for everyone. Though, at times, it does get a bit crowded, but Alhamdulillah!

There are separate rooms for brothers and sisters. We’d like to thank Baruch College for providing us with rooms to pray. We ask everyone to respect the rules of the prayer rooms, in sha Allah.

Brothers can offer their prayers in Newman Vertical Campus, room 3-225 in the Club Suites area. The room is also known as the Meditation Room. We ask all brothers to please leave their belongings (bookbags, coats, jackets, etc.) in the MSA/WII club room (N.V.C. 3-227) before entering the prayer room as these items take up space in the room.

Sisters perform their prayers in the MSA/WII club room (N.V.C. 3-227) behind the dividing curtains. This area is reserved for sisters only at all times!

Everyone utilizing either of these rooms, please respect the area by helping us keep the rooms neat, clean and litter-free. Cleanliness is part of Imaan!

Note: We do not hold Jumu`ah (Friday Congregational) prayers. If you are in or around Baruch College on Fridays, please refer to the Local Masjids page to locate a nearest masjid, in sha Allah.

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